Iran Khodro (IKCO) Samand- fuse box diagram

Iran Khodro (IKCO) Samand- fuse box diagram

Year of production:

Fuse Box (type 1)

The fuse box locates in left rear of the engine compartment near to the wiper electromotor.

Iran Khodro Samand - fuse box diagram - type 1
Iran Khodro Samand – fuse box diagram – type 1
Number Ampere ratting [A] Description
F1 10 Radio & Handsfree
F2 5 Control Unit
F3 5 Anti-Lock Brake
F4 5 Beep Sound, Right Indicators & Lamps
F5 5 Air Conditioner
F6 10 Air Bag / Cruise Control
30 ABS
F7 20 Horn
F8 Shunt: To disconnect all fuses
F9 5 Left Indicator Lamps, Number Plate Light
F10 30 Electric Rear Window Regulator
F11 30 Front Headlights
F12 5 Reverse Gear Lights, Rear Sensors
F13 20 Front Fog Tails
F14 30 ABS
F15 15 Door Lights, Courtesy Lights & Electrical Aerial
F16 20 Cigarette Lighter
F17 10 Alarm, Anti-Theft, Audio System Memory
F18 10 Rear Fog Tails
F19 5 Heater/ Display / Radio/ Switch Lights
F20 30 Automatic Backrest of Front Seat
F21 30 Blower Relay
F22 10
F23 5 Rear Window Heater Switch
F24 20 Wiper Engine/ Wiper Timer / Washer Pump
F25 5 Radio/ Clock Memory, Water Ampere (Coolant Temperature Unit)
F26 15 Flashers
F27 30 Rear Window Heater, Mirror Heater
F28 10 Instrument Panel Screen/Digital Clock/ Brake Warning Light
F29 30 Electrical Front Window Regulator
F30 10 Map Reading Light/ Glove Box/ Vanity Mirror/Electric Mirror

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse box locates in the right of the engine compartment.

Fuse Ampere ratting [A] Description
F31 30 Fan 1
F32 30 Fan 2
Spare Fuse
Spare Fuse
F33 Shunt:Ignition Switch
F34 Shunt:Main Lamp / Dipped Beam
F35 30 ABS
F36 30 ABS

Fuse Box (type 2)

Iran Khodro Samand - fuse box diagram - type 2
Iran Khodro Samand – fuse box diagram – type 2
The fuse box locates in the right of the engine compartment.
Fuse Ampere ratting [A] Description
F1 30 Wiper motor
F2 15 AC compressor
Wiper washer
F3 30 Double relay 2
F4 30 Double relay 1
F6 30 ABS brake 2
F7 30 ABS brake 1
F8 30 Fan 1
F9 20 Right mirror heater
Right front mirror indicator
Right front window regulator
Right front door functioning motor
Right mirror motor
Right folding mirror
Right front door light
Map reading light key
Door feeding node
F10 20 Left mirror heater
Left front mirror indicator
Left front window regulator
Left front door functioning motor
Left mirror motor
Left folding mirror
Left front door light
Door feeding node
F11 30 Horn
F12 10 Door feeding node
Alarm feeding
F14 10 ECU
F16 15 Right front fog lamp
Left front fog lamp
F17 20 Left front indicator
Left main beam lamps
Left Night warning lamp
Right dipped head lamps
F18 20 Right front indicator
Right main beam lamps
Right Night warning lamp
Left dipped head lamps
F19 40 Central node feeding 2
F20 50 Start feeding
F21 60 Central node feeding 2
F22 40 Fan 2

The location of this node is under the steering wheel.

Iran Khodro Samand - fuse box diagram
Iran Khodro Samand – fuse box diagram
Fuse Ampere ratting [A] Description
F1 20 Front seat electricity
F2 10 Ignition switch 1, 2
Cruise control electricity
Brake switch electricity
Raining sensor electricity
Radio electricity
F3 20 Lighter electricity
F4 10
F5 30 Ventilation fan
F6 20 Starter
F7 10
F8 5 CCN electricity
Immobilizer electricity
F9 15 Right rear indicator
Left rear fog lamp
Right rear gear lamp
Left brake lamp
Plate lamp
Right rear night warning lamp
Rear window key regulator lamp
RN electricity
F10 15 Left rear indicator
Right rear fog lamp
Left rear gear lamp
Right brake lamp
Rear & front roof lamp controlled by doors
Left rear night warning lamp
RN electricity
F11 30 Electrical motivator of boot
Electrical motivator of rear doors
Electrical motivator of petrol tank
Rear door & boot lamp
Rear & front roof lamp in permanent position
F12 20
F13 20 Rear window & mirror heater
Left rear electrical window regulator
Right rear electrical window regulator
F14 15 Radio & memory of radio
Diagnostic connector electricity
F15 5 Raining sensor
Instrument panel light & central consul
Map reading lamp
Glove box lamp vanity mirror & electrical mirror
CCN electricity
Rear window heater &mirror heater key lamp
Flasher key lamp
Central lock key lamp
Electrical motivator of boot key lamp
FN electricity
ICN electricity
ICN memory
F16 5 Diagnostic connector electricity after switch
Ignition switch 2,3
ABS electricity
F17 10 Air bag
F21 20 Electric Seat Supply
F22 10 Main switch supply (position 2) air bag unit and air conditioning system
F23 10 Main switch supply (position 1) lighter
F24 10 Main switch supply – position 1 (motivation of heater relay • Radio, brake, light, front node, central node and instrument panel), Motivation of Glass Heater Relay
F25 10 Radio permanent supply
F26 20 Central node supply
F27 20 Central node supply
F28 30 Central node supply and motivation of rear door motive relay
F29 30 Rear Lifting Window
F30 30 Central node supply (Front lifting window)
F31 30 Rear window heater
F32 30 Heater fan supply
F33 30 Engine ignition
F34 10 Main switch supply (position 2) immobilizer, diagnostic connector, instrument panel, cooler gas pressure sensor, engine unit
F35 5 Main switch supply (position 2), Anti-brake system (ABS)
F36 10 Immobilizer permanent supply, diagnostic connector, instrument panel
RLY2 Trunk Lid Electric Actuator
RLY3 Mirrors and rear window heater
RLY4 Ventilation Fan Relay
RLY5 Rear Lifting Window (Left)
RLY6 Rear Lifting Window (Left)
RLY7 Rear Lifting Window (Right
RLY8 Rear Lifting Window (Right

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Iran Khodro Samand - fuse box diagram - engine compartment
Iran Khodro Samand – fuse box diagram – engine compartment
Fuse Ampere ratting [A] Description
1 40 Electric supply for ignition switch
2 30 Relay switch for fog lamp/horn
3 40 BCM Inside systems electric connection supply
4 30 BCM Inside systems electric connection supply
5 40 Fan (High speed)
6 30 Fan (Low speed)
7 30 Brake (ABS)
8 40 Brake (ABS)
9 Reserve
10 20 Front node supply
11 15 Front node supply
12 30 Front node supply windshield wiper and relay for windshield washer pump
13 Spare
14 30 Double relay supply
15 10 Fuel pump supply
16 10 Engine unit supply
17 Reserve
18 Reserve
19 Reserve
20 Reserve
RLYa Relay switch for engine control
RLYb Relay switch for fuel pump
RLY1 Relay switch for fog lamp
RLY2 Relay switch for horn
RLY3 Relay switch for windshield wiper
RLY4 Relay switch for windshield wiper
RLY5 Relay switch for fan (high speed)
RLY6 Relay switch for fan (low speed)
RLY7 Relay for fan
RLY8 Relay for windshield washer pump

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.