Mercedes Benz E Class w211 (2003 – 2008) – fuse box diagram

Mercedes Benz E Class w211 (2003 – 2008) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Fuses in trunk compartment

Fuse Ampere ratging [A] Description
F001 30 Driver seat power
F002 30 Passenger seat power
F003 7,5 Navigation
F003 7,5 Parktronic
F003 7,5 Tire Pressure Control
F003 7,5 TV
F004 20 Fuel pump
F005 20 Not used
F006 40 Audio getway
 F007 15 Emergency Light T model
F008 7,5 Antenna Module
F009 25 Roof unit
F010 40 Window Defroster Rear
F011 20 Tailgate Control Unit
F012 15 Plug Socket Trunk
F013 15 Plug Socket Rear
F014 Not used
F015 10 Fuel Tank Locking
F016 20 Heated Seats rear
F017 20 Trailer Power Supply
F018 20 Trailer Control Unit
F019 20 Electronic control unit for additional rear light
F20 7,5 Window Shade Rear
F20 30 3rd  Stop light

Relays in trunk compartment

Relay Despcription
Relay 1 kA  Fuel Pump
Relay 2 kB Relay 2 Circuit 15R
Relay 3 kC Reserve 2
Relay 4 kD Rear Wiper
Relay 5 kE Rear Window Defroster
Relay 6 kF  Relay Circuit 15R
Relay 7 kG Fuel Filler Cap Polarity Change 1 Relay
Relay 8 kH  Fuel Filler Cap Polarity Change 2 Relay

Passenger compartment fuse box.

Fuse Ampere rating [A] Despcription
F021 30 Door Control Unit Rear Right
F022 30 Door Control Unit Passenger
F023 30 Passenger Set Adjustable Memory
F024 25 Keyless Go
F025 20 Additional Heating with/without remote start
F026 7,5 CD Charger
F027 Reserve
F028 5 Radio
F029 7,5 Steering Column Module
F030 7,5 Diagnostic Socket
F031 5 Top Switch Panel
F032 30 Door control unit rear left
F033 30 Door control unit driver
F034 30 Driver seat adjustadble/memory
F035 5 Weight sensoring system
F036 25 Heated seats front
F037 5 Control Unit Height Adjustment
F038 5 Airmatic
F039 5 Bottom Switch Panel
F040 10 Steering wheel heating
F041 5 Central Getway
F042 7,5 Engine Control Module
F043 7,5 Fuse and Relay Box Driver


Fuse in engine compartment

Fuse Ampere rating Description
F43 15 Not used
F44 15 Not used
F45 7,5 Not used
F46 7,5 Not used
F47 5 ESP, SPS, PML & BAS control unit  N47-5
F48 7,5 Restraint system control unit N2/7
F49 7,5 Not used
F50 5 Not used
F51 5 Not used
F52 7,5 Rotary light switch S1, Cluster, Glove Compartment
F53a 15 Fanfare horn relay N10/1kO
F53b 15 a side always powered b side no power with ignition off
F54a 15 Cigarete lighter
F54b 15 a side no power with ign. Off b side always powered
F55 7,5 Not used
F56 40 Wiper Motor
F57 25 Not used
F58 15 Ignition Coils
F59 15 Starter relay
F60 10 Oil cooler fan
F61 40 Electric air pump
F62 30 SEQ Pump Control relay N10/1kM
F63 15 Circuit 87 relay, engine N10/kl
F64 7,5 Rotary light switch, more
F65 20 EIS EZA Unit N73 Steering lock unit N26/5
F66 7,5 Right/left front lamp unit E2, E1


Relays in engine compartment

Relay Description
Relay kI Circuit 87 relays, engine
Relay kJ
Relay kL Starter Relay
Relay kM SEQ ASG Pump Control Relay
Relay kN Circuit 15 relay
Relay kO FAN Relay Module
Relay kP Circuit 15 relay
Relay kR Air pump or oil cooler fan relay
Relay kS AirMatic Relay K67
Relay kT Cutoff relay to interruptible loads K75

Front Pre Fuse Power Distribution

Fuse Ampere rating [A] Desciprion
F70 15 Not used
F71 15 M4/7 Electric suction fan with integrated Control
F72 50 A7/3 Traction system hydraulic unit
F73 40 A7/3 Traction system hydraulic unit
F74 40 K67 Airmatic relay
F75 40 N10/11 Passenger SAM P
F76 40 N22 Air Condigtioning Control Module
F77 Reserved


Rear pre fuse block in trunk in front of main large battery A211545401

Fuse Ampere rating [A] Description
F78 20 N10/1 Driver SAM D
F79 20 N10/2 Rear SAM-R
F80 15 N10/1Driver SAM D
F82 15 N3/10 Control Module
F83 10 Reserved
F84 5 N82 Battery Control Module
F85 5 N112 Communication Platform and A35/11 VCS
F86 5 x58/1 Interior socket
F87 40 M40/1 Fneumatic Pump or Dynamic Seat Control
F88 30 N121 Trunk Closer Module


Fuse colour

Ampere rating [A] Colour
5 Beige
7,5 Brown
10 Red
15 Blue
20 Yellow
25 White
30 Green
40 Amber
50 Red
60 Blue

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.