Isuzu Trooper (1995 – 1996) – fuse box diagram

Isuzu Trooper (1995 – 1996) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1995, 1996

Fuse box diagram

Isuzu Trooper - fuse box diagram
Isuzu Trooper – fuse box diagram
Number Fuse name A Function
F-2 0 2 SENSOR HEATER 10 Engine control
F-3 HORN HAZARD 15 Hams; Hazard light
F-4 H/LAMP-LH 15 Headlights and fog lights
F-5 H/LAMP-RH 15 Headlights
F-8 (FRT. FOG) 15 Fog lights
F-9 ABS 20 Rear wheel anti-lock (RWAL) brake system or anti·lock brake system (ASS)
F-10 FUEL PUMP 15 Engine control
F-12 TAIL 15 Taillights


Fusible Link Number Fusible Link Name A Circuit Protected
FL-1 MAIN 80 See Power Distribution
FL-2 KEY SW 50 See Power Distribution
FL-3 ECM 30 Engine control
FL-6 (ABS 4/WHEEL ONLY) 40 Anti·lock brake system, (ABS)


Isuzu Trooper - fuse box diagram
Isuzu Trooper – fuse box diagram
Number Fuse name A Function
C-1 STARTER RELAY 10 Starting system; blower contrors; A/C Compressor controls; supplemental restraint system (SRS)
C-2 (SEAT HEATER) 15 Seat heater
C-3 TRUNK BACK 15 Back up lights; tum lights; hazard lights: cornering lights;
A/T shift indicator
C-4 ELEC. IGN. 10 Rear defogger; cruise control; power windows: engine control; door mirror defoggers; shift interlock system; power sunroof; 4-wheel anti-lock brake system (ABS)
C-5 FRT WIPER & WASHER 15 Windshield wiper/washer
C-6 RR WIPER & WASHER 10 Rear wiper/washer
C-7 (H/LAMP WIPER) 10 Headlight wiper/washer
C-8 ENGINE 15 Engine control; charging system
C-9 IGN. COIL 15 Ignition system
C-10 METER GAUGE 10 Gauges; indicators
C-11 (AUDIO [ACC]) MIRROR 10 Sound system; power mirrors; clock
C-12 CIGARETTE 20 Cigarette lighter
C-13 (ANTI THEFT) 10 Anti-theft system
C-14 STOP A/T CONT 15 Brake lights; automatic transmission control; shift interlock system; rear wheel anti·tock (RWAL) brake system
C-15 (AUDIO [B]) 20 Sound system
C-16 CLOCK [B} ROOM 10 Sound system; interior lights; key-in ignition warning
system; anti·theft system; auto antenna; clock
C-17 RR DEFOG 25 Rear defogger
C-18 (DOOR LOCK) 20 Power door locks; anti-theft system; power windows
C-19 BLOWER 25 Blower controls
C-20 (AIR CON) 10 A/C compressor controls
C-21 SRS-1 10 Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
C-22 SRS-2 10 Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
C-23 SRS-3 10 Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
C-24 SRS-4 10 Supplemental restraint system (SRS)


Circuit Breaker Number Circuit Breaker Name A Circuit Protected
C/B-2 (P/W, P/S, S/R) 30 Power windows: power sunroof; power seats; power door locks

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.