Ford Fusion (2008) – fuse box diagram (India version)

Ford Fusion (2008) – fuse box diagram (India version)

Year of production: 2008

Fuse labels

Labels Description
See Owner's handbook See Owner’s handbook
Dipped beam Headlamp dipped beam
Main beam or headlamps Headlamp main beam
Front fog lamps Fog lamps
Dipped beam or parking lamp switch Lighting control
Rear window wiper Windscreen wipers
Rear window wiper Rear window wiper
Heated rear window Heated rear window
Electric exterior mirrors, clock Electric exterior mirrors
Air conditioning, heater blower motor Blower motor
Air conditioning Air conditioning
Cigar lighter Cigar lighter
Horn Horn
Engine management (diesel) or catalytic converter Engine management (diesel) or catalytic converter
Starter motor2 Starter motor
audio Audio system and diagnostic connector
Engine management, electronic module Engine management or electronic module
Fuel pump Fuel pump
Battery sensing Battery and charging system
Instrument cluster Instrument cluster, battery saver, number plate lamp
Side and tail lamps Side and tail lamps
Central locking and alarm horn Central locking
Hazard warning flashers and direction indicators Hazard warning flashers and direction indicators
Ignition Ignition
Brake lamps Brake lamps
Reversing lamp Reversing lamp


FUSE BOX LOCATIONS (G980155) Central fuse box

The central fuse box is located behind the glove box in the instrument panel.

To get access to the fuse box:

  1. Open the glove box and empty it before continuing.
  2. Press the side parts of the glove box inwards and swivel the box further down.
  3. The fuse chart label located on the rear side of the glove box will help you identify the fuses. Depending on vehicle variant the necessary fuses and relays may vary.
  4. Reinstall in the reverse order.


WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.