Chevrolet S-10 (1998) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1998

Instrument panel

The fuse block is in the instrument panel on the driver’s side.

Chevrolet S-10 - wiring diagram - fuse box -  instrument panel
Chevrolet S-10 – wiring diagram – fuse box –
instrument panel
Fuses/Circuit Breaker Circuit protected
A Not Used
B Not Used
1 Headlamp Switch, Body Controls TBC, Headlamp Relay
2 Cigarette Lighter, Data Link Connector
3 Cruise Control~ Body Controls TBC, Heated Seats, Cruise
Module, Cruise Switch
4 Gages, Body Controls TBC, Instrument Panel Cluster, B+ Power
5 Interior Illumination
6 Not Used
7 Mirror, Locks
8 Courtesy Lamps. Inadvertent Power Relay
9 HVAC Control Head
10 Turn Signal
11 Instrument Panel Cluster, Engine Controls
12 Parking Lamps, Power Window Switch, TBC, Ashtray Lamp
13 Auxiliary Power
14 Power Locks
15 4WD Switch, Engine Control (VCM, PCM, Transmission)
16 Supplemental Inflatable Restraint, SDM Module
17 Front Wiper
18 Not USed
19 Radio Battery
20 Not Used.
21 HVAC I, HVAC Control Head, HVAC Devices
22 Air-Bag Brakes
23 Rear Wiper
24 Radio, Ignition

Engine Compartment Fuse Block

The fuse block under the hood at the driver’s de of the engine compartment.

Chevrolet S-10 - wiring diagram - fuse box -  engine compartment
Chevrolet S-10 – wiring diagram – fuse box –
engine compartment
Name Usage
TRL TRN Trailer Left Turn
TRR TRN Trailer Right Tum
TRL B/U Trailer Back-Up Lamps
VEH B/U Vehicle Back-Up Lamps
LT TURN Left Tum Signal Front
LT TRN Left Turn Signal Rear
RT TRNH Right Turn Signal Rear
RR PRK Right Rear Parking Lamps
TRL PRK Trailer Parking Lamps
LT HDLP Left Headlamp
RT HDLP Right Headlamp
FR PRK Front Parking Lamp
INT BAT I/P Fuse Block Feed
ENG 1 Engine Sensor/Solenoid, MAP, CAM, PURGE, VENT
ECM B Engine Control Module Fuel Pump, Module, Oil Pressure
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System
ECM I Engine Control Module Injector
BTSI Brake-Transmission Shift Interlock
B/U LP Back-up Lamps
A/C Air Conditioning
RAP Retained Accessory Power
O2 Oxygen Sensor
IGN B Column Feed, IGN 2, 3,4
DRL Daytime Running Lamps
FOG LP Fag Lamps
IGN A Stating and Charging ING I
STUD #2 Accessory Feeds, Electric Brake
PARKLP Parking Lamps
LP PRK Left Rear Parking Lamps
IGN C Starter Solenoid Fuel Pump, PRNDL
HTDSEAT Heated Seat
ATC Active Transfer Case
RRDEFOG Rear Defogger
TRCHMSL Trailer Center Hogh-Mount Stoplamp
RR W/W Rear Window Wiper
CRANK Clutch Switch, NSBU Switch
HAZLP Hazard Lamps
VEVHMSL Vehicle Center High-Mount Stoplamp
HTDMIR Heated Mirror
STOPLP Stop Lamps
TBC Truck Body Computer

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.