Mercedes-Benz 420SEL (1990 – 1991) – wiring diagrams – fuse box diagram

Mercedes-Benz 420SEL (1990 – 1991) – wiring diagrams – fuse box diagram

Year of productions:  1990, 1991

Fuse box diagram

Mercedes-Benz 300SE - wiring diagram - fuse box diagram
Mercedes-Benz 420SEL – wiring diagram – fuse box diagram
Relay code Relay use
A Exterior lamp failture monitoring unit
B Combination relay (turn signal, hazard lamps, wiper/washer)
C High speed relay (auxiliary fan)
D Low speed relay (auxiliary fan)
E Air pump clutch (electronic engine controls/air injection management)
F Headlam Washer Relay (Headlamp Wiper/Washer)
G Power Seat Diode (Power Seats)
H Power Seat Relay
I Power Window Relay (Power Windows)
K Auxiliary Fuse Holder (Anti-theft Alarm system)


Fuse Circuit protected Connection to circuit
Number Ampere rating [A]
1 16 Auxiliary fan 30
2 8 Clock, turn signal/hazard lamps, radio, power seats, warning system, courtesy lamps, diagnostic socket, illumination instrument cluster/center console 3
3 30 Rear defogger, wiper, washer turn/hazard lamps 30
4 8 Headlamps (Righr Low Beam) 56b
5 8 Electronic engine controls/air injection management, transmission kick-down, stoplamps/backup lamps, automatic climate control 15
6 8 Anti-lock brake system, crusise control, warning indicator, warnirn system, stoplamps/backup lamps, courtesy lamps 15
7 8 Horns , rear defogger, turn signal/hazard lamps, warning indicators 15
8 16 Outside heated mirrors, seat belt extenders, ani-theft alarm system, rear cigar lighter 15
9 8 Lamps: park/tail/marker, license 58L
10 8 Fog lamps 58N
11 8 Headlamps wiper/washer, illumination: instrument cluster/center console, Lamps: park/tail/marker/license 58R
12 8 Headlamps (Left Low Beam) 56b
13 8 Headlamps (Right High Beam) 56a
14 8 Headlamps (Left High Beam) 56a
15 8 Central locking system, anti-theft alarm system, power seats, courtesy lamps, automatic antenna, seat belt extenders, seat backrent locking system 30
16 25 Blower control (1), Not used (2) 15X
17 16 Headlamps/fog lamps, wiper/washer, power windows, power seats, headlamp wiper/washer 15R
18 8 Radio, front cigar lighter, glove box lamps, wiper/washer (washer jet heaters), rear defogger (3) 15R
19 16 Sliding roof, orthopedic seats, reated seats 15R
a 25 Power seats 15R/30
b 25 Power seats 15R/30
c 25 Power windows 15R
d 25 Power windows 15R
(1) – eliminated as of chasis end number 269896

(2) – as of chasis end number 269897

(3) – as of MY 1989


WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.