KIA Rondo (2017) – fuse box diagram

KIA Rondo (2017) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2017

Instrument panel (Driver’s side fuse panel)

KIA Rondo - fuse box diagram - instrument panel
KIA Rondo – fuse box diagram – instrument panel
Number Ampere rating [A] Description Protected component
1 10 PDM 2 Start/Stop Button Switch, Immobilizer Module
2 15 MULTI MEDIA DC-DC Converter (Audio), A/V & Navigation Head Unit, Audio
3 7,5 MODULE 3 Seat Warmer Control Module, Rear Seat Warmer Module, Passenger Seat Warmer Module, DC-DC Converter (AMP), Auto Head Lamp Leveling Device Module, Rain Sensor, Head Lamp Leveling Device Actuator LH/RH, A/C Control Module, Electro Chromic Mirror, Head Lamp Leveling Device Switch, A/V Navigation Head Unit
4 7,5 CLUSTER Instrument Cluster, DC-DC Converter (Audio)
5 7,5 MDPS MDPS Unit
6 7,5 START ICM Relay Box (B/Alarm Relay), Ignition Lock Switch. [A/T – Transaxle Range Switch], [M/T – E/R Junction Block, (RLY. 10), ECM/PCM, Smart Key Control Module]
Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror, Driver/Passenger Foot Lamp, Ignition Key ILL. & Door Warning Switch, Overhead Console Lamp, Room Lamp, Vanity Lamp LH/RH, Rear Personal Lamp LH/RH, Luggage Lamp, Portable Lamp
8 20 PDM Smart Key Control Module
9 7,5 MEMORY 2 RF Receiver
10 10 ECU Smart Key Control Module, Immobilizer Module, Vehicle Speed Sensor, ECM/PCM, Air Flow Sensor (D4FD), Glow Relay Un
11 10 ABS ABS/ESC Control Module
12 15 TCU TCM (D4FD), Transaxle Range Switch (A/T, DCT), E/R Junction Block (Fuse – F27) (M/T)
13 7,5 MODULE 4 BCM
14 7,5 A/CON SW A/C Control Module
15 10 MEMORY 1 Instrument Cluster, Auto Light & Photo Sensor, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module, Ultrasonic Instrusion Protection Sensor, A/C Control Module, Data Link Connector, Siren Control Module, Clock, BCM
16 7,5 MODULE 1 Smart Parking Assist Control Module, Stop Lamp Switch, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module, Clutch Sensor (M/T), Front Parking Assist Sensor (Center)/(Side) LH/RH, Front Parking Assist Sensor (In)/(Out) LH/RH, Rear Parking Assist Sensor Center LH/RH, Crash Pad Switch, Rear Parking Assist Sensor (In)/(Out) LH/RH, Sport Mode Switch, Parking Assist Buzzer, Multipurpose Check Connector, Electric Parking Brake Module, Lane Departure Warning Module, Blind Spot Detection Radar LH/RH
17 20 POWER
Rear Power Outlet, Cigarette Lighter, Front Power Outle
18 10 MODULE 6 A/V & Navigation Head Unit, DC-DC Converter (Audio/AMP), Audio, Clock, Smart Key Control Module, BCM, E/R Junction Block (RLY. 7), AMP, Power Outside Mirror Switch
19 15 A/BAG SBR Control Module, Seat Belt Reminder IND.,Instrument Cluster Door Lock & PAB On/Off IND., SRS Control Module, A/C Control Module
20 25 P/WDW LH Rear Safety Power Window Module LH, Driver/Passenger Safety Power Window Module, Power Window LH Relay
21 10 HTD MIRR A/C Control Module, ECM/PCM, Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror
22 7,5 MODULE 5 Portable Lamp, Rear Seat Warmer Module, Panorama Sunroof Assembly, Driver/Passenger CCS Control Module, Seat Warmer Control Module, Passenger Seat Warmer Module, E/R Junction Block (RLY. 8)
23 7,5 MODULE 7 BCM, Smart Key Control Module
24 15 HTD STRG Steering Wheel Heater
25 15 S/HEATER RR Rear Seat Warmer Module
26 25 AMP DC-DC Converter (AMP), AMP
27 20 SUNROOF Panorama Sunroof Assembly
28 20 S/HEATER
Driver/Passenger CCS Control Module, Seat Warmer Control Module, Passenger Seat Warmer Module
29 7,5 MODULE 2 ICM Relay Box (Turn Signal Lamp Sound Relay, Folding/Unfolding Relay), Key Solenoid, Sport Mode Switch, Console Switch LH/RH, Rear Power Window Switch LH/RH
30 7,5 A/CON Diesel Block (RLY. 2, RLY. 3), E/R Junction Block (RLY. 2), A/C Control Module, Cluster Ionizer
31 15 WIPER Rear Wiper Motor, ICM Relay Box (Rear Wiper Relay), Multifunction Switch
32 25 P/WDW RH Rear Safety Power Window Module RH, Driver/Passenger Safety Power Window Module, Power Window RH Relay
33 30 P/SEAT DRV Driver Seat Manual Switch
34 10 FOG LAMP
ICM Relay Box (Rear Fog Lamp Relay
35 20 DR LOCK Tail Gate Open Relay, Door Lock/Unlock Relay, ICM Relay Box (Dead Lock Relay)

Engine compartment main fuse panel

KIA Rondo - fuse box diagram - engine compartment
KIA Rondo – fuse box diagram – engine compartment
Fuse Ampere rating [A] Description Protected component
60 B+1 Smart Junction Block (IPS 1, IPS 2, IPS 3, IPS 4, Fuse – F2/F9/F22/F29/F36)
40 IG2 RLY. 10 (Start Relay), Ignition Switch (W/O Button Start), RLY. 3 (PDM 3 (IG2) Relay, With Button Start)
40 ABS 1 ABS/ESC Control Module
40 RR HTD RLY. 6 (Rear Defogger Relay)
40 BLOWER RLY. 2 (Blower Relay)
40 ABS 2 ABS/ESC Control Module, Multipurpose Check Connector
60 B+2 Smart Junction Block (IPS 5, IPS 6, IPS 7, IPS 8, Fuse – F31/F37/F38)
FUSE 50 B+4 E/R Junction Block (Fuse – F29/F30/F31)
30 EPB 1 Electric Parking Brake Module
50 C/FAN RLY. 1 (C/Fan 1 Relay), RLY. 5 (C/Fan 2 Relay)
30 EPB 2 Electric Parking Brake Module
20 H/LP WASHER RLY. 8 (Head Lamp Washer Relay)
10 BRAKE SWITCH Stop Lamp Switch, Smart Key Control Module
30 POWER OUTLET 2 RLY. 7 (Power Outlet Relay)
15 FUEL PUMP RLY. 12 (Fuel Pump Relay)
15 DEICER RLY. 4 (Deicer Relay)
15 STOP LAMP Stop Signal Electronic Module
50 B+3 Smart Junction Block (Leak Current Autocut Device, Fuse – F30/F32/F33/F39)
40 IG1 RLY. 9 (PDM 1 (ACC) Relay), RLY. 11 (PDM 2 (IG 1) Relay), Ignition Switch
40 ECU 5 EMS Block (Fuse – F32/F33/F34, Engine Control Relay)
10 B/UP LP MT – Back-Up Lamp Switch
A/T – Rear Combination Lamp (In) LH/RH, Electro Chromic Mirror, A/V & Navigation Head Unit,
Audio, Instrument Cluster
25 WIPER (LH) Front Wiper Motor LH
25 WIPER (RH Front Wiper Motor RH
15 HORN Horn Relay
15 ECU 3 PCM (A/T), ECM (M/T)
10 B/ALARM B/Alarm Horn Relay, Horn Relay
10 INJECTOR G4NA : Injector #1/#2/#3/#4
10 ECU 2 G4FD : PCM (A/T), ECM (M/T)
G4NC : PCM (A/T), ECM (M/T)
20 IGN COIL 1 Ignition Coil #1/#2/#3/#4, Condenser
10 SENSOR 2 G4FD : Oil Control Valve #1/ #2, Oil Level Sensor, E/R Junction Block (RLY. 1, RLY. 5)
G4NA/G4NC : Oil Control Valve #1/ #2, Camshaft Position Sensor (Intake/Exhaust), Oil Level Sensor (G4NC), E/R Junction Block (RLY. 1, RLY. 5)
20 ECU 1 PCM (A/T), ECM (M/T)
10 SENSOR 1 Oxygen Sensor (Up/Down), Variable Intake Solenoid Valve, Purge Control Solenoid Valve

Relay name Type
C/FAN 1 RELAY Plug Micro
PDM3 (IG2) Relay Plug Micro
Deicer Relay Plug Micro
C/Fan 2 Relay Plug Micro
RR HTD Relay Plug Micro
Power Outlet Relay Plug Micro
H/Lamp Washer Relay Plug Micro
PDM1 (ACC) RELAY Plug Micro
PDM2 (IG1) Relay Plug Micro
Fuel Pump Relay Plug Micro
Engine Control Relay PCB
B/Alarm Horn Relay PCB
Horn Relay PCB

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market