Eagle Talon (1996) – fuse box diagram

Eagle Talon (1996) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1996

Fuse box diagram

Eagle Talon – fuse box diagram
Eagle Talon – fuse box diagram
Power supply circuit No. A Load circuit
Battery 1 15 Amplifier
Ignition switch IG2 2
IG1 3 10 Back-up light, combination meter <non-turbo>, EATX-ECM <non-turbo (A/T) and SRS-ECU
4 10 Turn signal and hazard flasher unit
Battery 5 10 Theft-alarm horn and theft-alarm horn relay
6 30 Defogger and defogger switch
Ignition switch IG2 7
IG1 8 10 Auto-cruise main switch, auto-cruise control vacuum pump <turbo>, auto-cruise-ECU, auto-cruise speed control assembly <non-turbo>, combination meter, ETACS-ECU, powertrain control module <non-turbo>, SRS-ECU and sunroof-ECU
ACC 9 20 ETACS-ECU, intermittent wiper relay, wiper and washer motor
Battery 10 10 Door lock actuator and door lock power relay
11 30 Blower motor
Ignition switch ACC 12
IG2 13 10 ABS-ECU <FWD>, ABS power relay <AWD>, A/C switch, automatic compressor-ECM, blower motor relay, defogger relay and DRL-ECU <CANADA>
ACC 14 15 Cigarette lighter
IG2 15 10 Auto-cruse-ECU <turbo>, combination meter <turbo> and ELC 4-speed automatic transaxle control module <turbo>
Battery 16
17 20 Sunroof-ECU

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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