Alfa Romeo 156 FL – bulbs specification

Alfa Romeo 156 FL – bulbs specification


Type of bulbs

Alfa Romeo 156FL - bulbs
Alfa Romeo 156FL – bulbs
Alfa Romeo 156 FL – bulbs

A – All glass bulbs They are pressure-fitted. Pull to remove

B – Bayonet type bulbs Press the bulb, turn counter-clockwise to remove this type of bulb from its holder

C – Tubular bulbs Free them from their contacts to remove

D – Halogen bulbs To remove free it from the clip on its seating


Bulbs Figure Type Power
High beam D H1 55 W
Low beam D H7 55 W
Front sidelight B H6W 6 W
Foglight (where required) D H1 55 W
Front direction indicator B PY21W 21 W
Side direction indicator A W5W 5 W
Rear direction indicator B P21W 21 W
Stop/side light B P21/5W 21W/5W
Additional stop light B 3.2W 3.2
Reversing light A P21W 21W
Rear fog guard B P21W 21W
Number plate light B W5W 5W
Front roof light A C10W 10W
Boot light C C10W 10W
Rear roof light C C5W 5W
Courtesy light (where required) C C5W 5W
Glovebox light C C5W 5W

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.