Oldsmobile Bravada (1993) – fuse box diagram

Oldsmobile Bravada (1993) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1993

Instrument panel Fuse Block

The fuse block is under the instrument panel on the driver’s side.

Oldsmobile Bravada - fuse box diagram
Oldsmobile Bravada – fuse box diagram
Position Ampere rating Circuitry
INST LPS 5 lnstrument Panel Lights, Headlight, Warning Buzzer, Heater Light, Ashtray Light, Radio Illumination Light, Rear Wiper Switch Light
PWR ACC 30 Power Door Locks, Rear Defogger Console, Accessory Receptacles, CD Player
HORN/DM 20 Horn, Dome Lights, Glove Box Light, Clock, Lighter, Lighted Vanity mirror, Outside Rearview Mirror, Courtesy Lights
IGN/GAU 20 Indicator Lights and Gages, Rear Defogger Relay, Crusie Control, Rear Defogger Switch, Seat Belt Timer
BRAKE 15 Four Wheel Anti=lock Brake Module, Digital Ratio Adapter Module (Speedometer)
STOP/HAZ 15 Stop Lights, Hazard Warning Lights, Chime Module
TAIL LPS 20 Light Switch, Tail/Park Lights, Electronic Cluster, License Light
TURN/BU 15 Turn Signals & Back-up Lights
HTR A/C 25 Heating and Air Conditioning
RADIO 15 Radi, Inside Rearview Mirror Map Lights, Rear Wiper, Rear washer, Compass
ECM B 15 Electronic Control Module, Fuel Pump
ECM I 10 Electronic Control Module
PRW WDO 30 Power Windows
WIPER 25 Windshield Wipers and Washer
CRANK 3 Electronic Control Module
TRAILER * 30 Trailer Wiring Harness
UNDERHOOD* 4 Underhood Light
CD PLAYER 10 CD Player (attached to fuse block)
* In-line  fuse

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.