Lada Niva – fuse box diagram

Lada Niva – fuse box diagram

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Fuse panel in the instrument panel

The electrical equipment of the car is protected by fuses located under the instrument panel, left of the steering column.

Lada Niva - fuse box diagram
Lada Niva – fuse box diagram

Circuits protected
1 16 Interior lamps,
Inspection lamp socket,
Cigarette lighter,
Stoplight lamps
2 8 Windshield wiper and its relay,
Heater motor,
Windshield washer motor,
Headlight wiper and washer relay (with headlight wiper and washer switch button not pressed on),
Headlight wiper motors in all positions of wiper blade, except initial position
3 8 L.H. headlight (upper beam) and its warning lamp
4 8 R.H. headlight (upper beam)
5 8 L.H. headlight (lower beam)
6 8 R.H. headlight (lower beam)
7 8 L.H. side light (marker light),
Marker light warning lamp,
R.H. tail light (marker light),
R.H. number plate light
8 8 R.H. side light (marker light),
L.H. number plate light,
Cigarette lighter lamp,
L.H. tail light (marker light),
Instrument lamps
9 8 Oil pressure gauge and warning lamp,
Coolant temperature gauge,
Fuel level gauge with low fuel level warning lamp,
Parking brake warning lamp,
Brake fluid low level warning lamp,
Direction indicators and warning lamp,
Carburettor choke valve warning lamp,
Battery nocharge warning lamp,
Carburettor shutoff valve,
Tail lights (backing light),
Differential lock warning lamp
10 8 Voltage regulator,
Alternator field winding
12 8 Headlight wiper and washer (with control button depressed),
Headlight washer motor,
Headlight wiper motors at starting and when wiper blades pass through initial position.
16 8 Distress light switch and direction indicators at distress mode

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.