KIA Sedona (2006 -2008) – fuse box diagram

KIA Sedona (2006 -2008) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2006, 2007, 2008

Driver side fuse panel

Description Fuse rating [A] Protected component
AUDIO 15 Audio, Step lamp
MEMORY 7,5 Climate control module, Clock, Cluster, Trip computer, Front area module, Power sliding door module, Power tailgate module, Driver’s door module, Front passenger door module, Driver’s power seat module, Driver position memory system unit
VRS 10 Variable rack stroke system module, Variable rack stroke system control button
IG2-1 7,5 Air conditioner control module, Multi function switch, Inside relay box, ECM mirror, Rain sensor, Seat Warmer
IG2-2 7,5 Rear climate control button, Front area module, Power sliding door module, Power tailgate module, Driver’s door
module, Front passenger door module, Driver’s power seat module, Driver position memory system unit
OBD-II 7,5 OBD-II, Diagonosis connector
ROOM 7,5 Vanity mirror, Map lamp, Overhead console, Room lamp switch, Climate control module, Homelink
K/LOCK 7,5 Key interlock solenoid
ILLUMI 7,5 Instrument panel illumination
AMP 25 Amplifier
SEAT WARMER 20 Inside relay box(Seat warmer)
SUNROOF 25 Sunroof module
DDM 30 Driver’s door module
TPMS 7,5 Tire pressure monitoring system
PEDAL 15 Power adjustable pedal relay(None-driver position memory system only)
P/OUTLET 1 15 Power outlet(Front)
ASS P/SEAT 20 Front passenger’s power seat module
DRV P/SEAT 30 Driver’s power seat module
ADM 30 Front passenger door module
ACC 7,5 Audio, Clock, Outside rearview mirror control and folding switch
P/OUTLET 2 15 Cigar lighter, Power outlet
START 7,5 Start relay
AIRBAG IND 7,5 Cluster
ENG 7,5 Automatic shift lever switch, Vehicle speed sensor, Inhibitor switch, Transaxle control module, Input speed sensor, Output speed sensor, Back-up lamp switch, Fuel filter
IG1 7,5 Trip computer, Buzzer(Back warning system), Cluster, ESC switch, Ambient temperature sensor, Generator
ABS 7,5 ABS control module, ESC control module, Yaw rate sensor, Steering angle sensor
ALTERNATOR Generator relay
SHUNT Shunt connector

Rear cargo area panel

Fuse name Fuse rating [A] Circuit protected
RR D/LOCK 20 Sliding door lock relay, Sliding door unlock relay, Sliding door lock actuator, Tailgate lock actuator
RR WIPER 15 Rear wiper relay, Rear wiper motor
RR DEFOG 25 Rear window defroster relay, Rear window defroster
POWER TAIL GATE 30 Power tailgate module
P/QUARTER 10 Power rear quarter glass open relay, Power rear quarter glass close relay, Power rear quarter glass motor
RR P/WIN-RH 25 Sliding door power window relay(Right), Sliding door power window motor(Right)
RR P/WIN-LH 25 Sliding door power window relay(Left), Sliding door power window motor(Left)
PSD-RH 30 Power sliding door module(Right)
PSD-LH 30 Power sliding door module(Left)
LUGGAGE 7,5 Step lamp, Power tailgate ON/OFF switch, Tailgate lamp
FUEL DOOR 15 Fuel filler lid relay, Fuel filler lid actuator
RR P/OTLT-LH 15 Rear power outlet(Left)
RR P/OTLT-RH 15 Rear power outlet(Right)
RR DEFOG RELAY Rear window defroster relay


Engine compartment

Fuse name Fuse rating [A] Circuit protected
FRT/RR WASHER 10 Front washer motor relay, Rear washer motor relay
IG 2 7,5 AQS sensor, fuel filter
STOP LAMP 20 Stop lamp, High mounted stop lamp
FUEL HEATER 20 Fuel filter heater
KEY SW 1 25 Instrument panel module
A/C COMP 7,5 Air conditioner compressor relay
ATM 15 ATM solenoid
FRT DEICER 15 Front deicer
HORN 15 Horn relay
ECU 1 10 PCU/ECU, A/C comp relay, Mass air flow sensor, Immobilizer unit
O2 DN 10 O2 sensor(RL, RR)
ECU 2 15 PCU/ECU, Oil control valve 1/2, Variable intake manifold valve 1/2, Canister purge solenoid valve, Canister close valve, Pulse width modulation relay
O2 UP 10 O2 sensor(FL, FR)
IGN COIL 20 Ignition coil 1/2/3/4/5/6, Condensor
INJECTOR 15 PCU/ECU, Injector 1/2/3/4/5/6, Glow relay 1/2, Intake manifold valve, EGR Solenoid valve, Cooling fan relay, Air flow sensor, Intake throttle valve
P/TRAIN 7,5 Theft alarm relay, Main relay, TCM, Generator, ECM, Injector 15A, ECU 2 15A, ECU 1 10A, Air conditioner compressor relay, Inlet metering valve, EGR solenoid valve, Air flow sensor, Diesel box, Immobilizer module
FUEL PUMP 15 Fuel pump motor
SP 7,5 Spare fuse
SP 10 Spare fuse
SP 15 Spare fuse
SP 20 Spare fuse
SP 25 Spare fuse
ABS 1 40 ABS control module, ESC control module
ABS 2 20  ABS control module, ESC control module
FRT WIPER 30  Front wiper ON relay
KEY SW 2 30 Start relay, IG2 Load(Variable rack stroke, ECM mirror, Rain sensor, Seat warmer)
RAM 1 50 Rear area module
RAM 2 50 Rear area module
RAM 3 50 Rear area module
IPM 1 50 Instrument panel module
IPM 2 50 Instrument panel module
IPM 3 50 Instrument panel module
FRT BLOWER 40 Inside relay box(Front blower relay)
RR BLOWER 30 Inside relay box(Rear blower relay)
IG 2 RELAY Ignition relay
A/C COMP RELAY Air conditioner compressor relay
MAIN RELAY Main relay
START RELAY Start relay
FUEL PUMP RELAY Fuel pump relay


Engine compartment (main fuse)

Fuse name Fuse rating [A] Circuit protected
ALT 150 Generator
C/FAN 60 Cooling fan

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market