HUMMER H2 (2005) – fuse box diagram

HUMMER H2 (2005) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2005

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

The fuse block access door is located on the driver’s side edge of the instrument panel.

Hummer H2 – fuse box – instrument panel
Hummer H2 – fuse box – instrument panel
Fuses Usage
RR Wiper Rear Window Wiper Switch
SEO ACCY Special Equipment Option Accessory
WS WPR Windshield Wipers
TBC ACCY Truck Body Controller Accessory
IGN 3 Rear Heated Seats Module
4WD Four-Wheel Drive Switch, Air Suspension Switch/Module
HTR A/C Not Used
LOCK Power Door Lock Relay (Lock Function)
HVAC 1 Inside Rearview Mirror, Climate Control System
L DOOR Driver’s Door Harness Connection
CRUISE Cruise Control
UNLOCK Power Door Lock Relay (Unlock Function)
RR FOG LP Not Used
BRAKE Brake Switch
DRIVER UNLOCK Power Door Lock Relay (Driver’s Door Unlock Function)
IGN 0 Brake Transmission Shift Interlock, Powertrain Control Module, Transmission
TBC IGN 0 Truck Body Controller
VEH CHMSL Vehicle and Trailer High Mounted Stoplamp
LT TRLR ST/TRN Left Turn Signal/Stop Trailer
LT TRN Left Turn Signals and Sidemarkers
VEH STOP Vehicle Stoplamps, Brake Module, Electronic Throttle Control Module
RT TRLR ST/TRN Right Turn Signal/Stop Trailer
RT TRN Right Turn Signals and Sidemarkers
BODY Harness Connector
DDM Driver Door Module
LOCKS Rear Doors and Liftgate Power Lock Relay Feed
ECC Liftgate
TBC 2C Truck Body Controller
FLASH Flasher Module
CB LT DOORS Left Rear Power Window Circuit Breaker and Driver Door Module
TBC 2B Truck Body Controller
TBC 2A Truck Body Controller
Circuit Breaker Usage
AUX PWR 2 DrivMidgate Controller (SUT Only)er Door Harness Connection

Center Instrument Panel Fuse Block

The center instrument panel utility block is located underneath the instrument panel, to the left of the steering column.

Hummer H2 – fuse box – center instrument panel
Device Usage
SEO Special Equipment Option
TRAILER Trailer Brake Wiring, Off-Road Lamps Harness Connector
UPFIT Upfitter (Not Used)
SL RIDE Ride Control (Not Used)
HDLR 2 Headliner Wiring Connector 2
BODY Body Wiring Connector
DEFOG Rear Defogger Relay
HDLNR 1 Headliner Wiring Connector 1
CB SEAT Driver and Passenger Seat Module Circuit Breaker
CB RT DOOR Rear Right Power Window, Passenger Door Module
SPARE Not Used
INFO Not Used

Underhood Fuse Block

The underhood fuse block in the engine compartment is located on the driver’s side of the vehicle near the battery.

Hummer H2 – fuse box – engine compartment
Hummer H2 – fuse box – engine compartment
Fuses Usage
CUST FEED Gasoline Accessory Power
STUD #1 Accessory Power/Trailer Wiring
MBEC 1 Mid Bussed Electrical Center Power Feed, Front Seats, Right Doors
BLOWER Front Climate Control Fan
LBEC 2 Left Bussed Electrical Center, Door Modules, Door Locks, Auxiliary Power Outlet—Rear Cargo Area and Instrument Panel
STUD #2* Accessory Power/Trailer Wiring Brake Feed
ABS Anti-lock Brakes
VSES/ECAS Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
IGN A Ignition Switch
IGN B Ignition Switch
LBEC 1 Left Bussed Electrical Center, Left Doors, Truck Body Controller, Flasher Module
TRL PARK Parking Lamps Trailer Wiring
RR PARK Passenger’s Side Rear Parking and Sidemarker Lamps
LR PARK Driver’s Side Rear Parking and Sidemarker Lamps
PARK LP Parking Lamps Relay
STRTR Starter Relay
INTPARK Roof Marker Lamps
STOP LP Stoplamps
TBC BATT Truck Body Controller Battery Feed
SEO B2 Off-Road Lamps
4WS Vent Solenoid Canister
RR HVAC Not Used
AUX PWR Instrument Panel Outlets, Rear Cargo Area Power Outlets, Console
IGN 1 PCM Ignition
PCM 1 Powertrain Control Module
ETC/ECM Electronic Throttle Control, Electronic Brake Controller
INJ 1 Ignition Coil, Fuel Injectors-Bank 1
INJ 2 Ignition Coil, Fuel Injectors-Bank 2
IGN E Instrument Panel Cluster, Air Conditioning Relay, Turn Signal/Hazard Switch, Starter Relay, Electronic Brake Controller TC2 Mode Switch
RTD Electronic Brake Controller Battery Feed
TRL B/U Backup Lamps Trailer Wiring
PCM B Powertrain Control Module, Fuel Pump
F/PMP Fuel Pump (Relay)
02A xygen Sensors
B/U LP Back-up Lamps, Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control System
RR DEFOG Rear Window Defogger
HDLP-HI Headlamp High Beam Relay
PRIME Not Used
O2B Oxygen Sensors
AIRBAG Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System
FRT PARK Front Parking Lamps, Sidemarker Lamps
DRL Daytime Running Lamps (Relay)
SEO IGN Rear Defog Relay
TBC IGN1 Truck Body Controller Ignition
HI HDLP-LT High Beam Headlamp-Left
LH HID Not Used
DRL Daytime Running Lamps
RVC Regulated Voltage Control
IPC/DIC Instrument Panel Cluster/ Driver Information Center
HVAC/ECAS Climate Control Controller/Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
CIG LTR Cigarette Lighter
HI HDLP-RT High Beam Headlamp-Right
HDLP-LOW Headlamp Low Beam Relay
A/C COMP Air Conditioning Compressor Relay
A/C COMP Air Conditioning Compressor
RR WPR Rear Wiper/Washer
RADIO Audio System
SEO B1 Mid Bussed Electrical Center, Universal Home Remote System, Rear Heated Seats
LO HDLP-LT Headlamp Low Beam-Left
BTSI Brake Transmission Shift Interlock System
CRNK Starting System
LO HDLP-RT Headlamp Low Beam-Right
FOG LP Not Used
FOG LP Not Used
HORN Horn Relay
W/S WASH Windshield and Rear Window Washer Pump Relay
W/S WASH Windshield and Rear Window Washer Pump
INFO OnStar®
RADIO AMP Radio Amplifier
RH HID Not Used
EAP Not Used
TREC All-Wheel Drive Module
SBA Not Used

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.