Dacia SuperNova (2001 – 2003) – fuse box diagram

Dacia SuperNova (2001 – 2003) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2001, 2002, 2003


Dacia SuperNova – fuse box diagram
Dacia SuperNova – fuse box diagram
A Component
F01 15 Clock, radio, STOP contact, climate blower relay control
F02 5 Reverse driving contact
F03 15 UCE decoder, speed transducer, instrument panel supply, diagnostic socket, AC starting button, UCE anti intrusion
F04 7,5 Turning and hazard lights
F05 5 Front/rear parking lights, lighting: switches, instrument panel, climate control, documents compartment, cigarette lighter, ashtray, radio
F06 15 Cigarette lighter, instrument panel (anti-starting indicator), front right ceiling lamp, UCE anti-intrusion, anti-intrusion indicator, diagnostic socket
F07 15 UCE decoder, FLASH relay, anti starting bushing
F08 20 Rear window defrosting
F09 15 Climate blower
F10 5 Left fog lamp

On the fuse box, 6 fuses modules are attached, protecting the following consumers:

Dacia SuperNova – fuse box diagram
A Component
F11 10 Left high beam
F12 10 Right high beam, high beam indicator
F13 10 Left low beam
F14 10 Right low beam, low beam indicator
F15 15 Windscreen wiper-washing switch, windscreen wiper timer
F16 10 Radio, windscreen wiper motor.

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.