Cadillac Catera (2001) – fuse box diagram

Cadillac Catera (2001) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2001

Instrument Panel Fuse Block (Driver’s Side)

The fuse block is located below the steering wheel on the driver’s side. Using a screwdriver, loosen the two trim fasteners under the trim panel and pull the trim panel away from the instrument panel to access.

Cadillac Catera – fuse box – instrument panel

Cadillac Catera – fuse box – instrument panel
Fuse Usage
1 RH and LH Front Side Door Window Regulator Motor, LH Front Side Door Window Switch
2 Stoplamp Switch, Cruise Control Release Switch
3 Automatic Transmission Range Switch, Automatic Transmission Control Indicator, Power Steering Control Module, Hazard Warning Switch, Automatic Transmission Winter Mode Switch, Transmission Control Module (TCM)
4 RH and LH Rear Seat Cushion Heater Relay, Rear Sunshade Motor, Accessory Power Outlet
5 Transmission Control Module
6 Radio Speaker Amplifier
7 RH and LH Rear Side Door Window Regulator Motor
8 Headlamp Switch, Turn Signal Switch, Horn Relay, CD Changer, Multifunction Relay
9 Windshield Wiper Motor and Relay, Windshield Wiper and Windshield Washer Switch
10 Body Control Module (BCM), Heater Water Auxiliary Pump, Fan Control Relays, Auxiliary Water Pump Relay
11 Heater and A/C Control, RH and LH Outside Rearview Mirrors
12 Hazard Warning Switch, Instrument Cluster, Data Link Connector (DLC), Stoplamp Switch, Gage Cluster, Heater and A/C Control
13 Remote Control Outside Rearview Mirror Switch, A/C Compressor Relay, Coolant Fan Test Connector, A/C Load Switch
14 Cellular Telephone, RH and LH Windshield Washer Nozzles, Driver and Passenger Heated Seat Switch, Heater and A/C Control, Heated Outside Rearview Mirror and Rear Window Defogger Relay
15 Rear Suspension Leveling Air Compressor Relay, Instrument Cluster, Gage Cluster, Cruise Control Switch, Headlamp Switch, Multifunction Relay, Passenger and Driver Heated Seat Relay, BCM, Sunroof Actuator, Automatic Level Control Sensor, RH and LH Heated Rear Seat Switch, RH and LH Heated Rear Seat Cushion Relay, Driver Seat Adjuster Memory Module, LH Front Side Door Window Switch, Inside Rearview Mirror
16 Cigarette Lighter (Front and Console)
17 Horn #1 and #2
18 Fuel Pump
19 Electronic Brake/Traction Control Module
20 Passenger and Driver Heated Seat Relay
21 Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) Relay, LH High-Beam Headlamp Relay
22 Headlamp Switch, LH Low-Beam Headlamp
23 LH Parking Lamp and Turn Signal Lamps, LH Rear Sidemarker Lamp, Multifunction Relay, LH Stoplamp and Taillamp
24 Lifting Magnet, BCM, Gage Cluster
25 Sunroof Actuator
26 Headlamp Switch, RH and LH Front Sidemarker Lamp, Middle Taillamp, RH and LH Rear License Plate Lamp, Radio, Automatic Transmission Control Indicator, Heater and A/C Control
27  Automatic Level Control Sensor, Rear Suspension Leveling Air Compressor and Relay
28 Door Lock Relay
29 Multifunction Relay, OnStar System
30 RH Parking Lamp and Turn Signal Lamp, RH Rear Sidemarker Lamp, RH Stoplamp and Taillamp
31 RH Low-Beam Headlamp Turn Signal Switch
32 RH High-Beam Headlamp Relay
33 Blower Controller, A/C Compressor Relay
34 Heated Rear Window Defogger Relay
35 Passenger Seat Adjuster Switch, Driver Seat Adjuster Memory Module

Relay Box

The relay box is located on the lower part of the instrument panel, to the right of the steering column.

Cadillac Catera – relay box

Cadillac Catera – relay box
Relay Usage
I Daytime Running Lamps
II Automatic Level Control
III Rear Window Defogger, Heated Mirrors
IV Hazard Warning Flashers
V High-Beam Headlamps II (RH)
VI Horn
VII Parking Lamps and Turn Signal Lamps
VIII Low-Beam Headlamps
IX Not Used
X Not Used
XI High-Beam Headlamps I (LH)


Engine Compartment Relay Center

The relay center is located next to the battery on the driver’s side of the engine. Lift the cover to access.

Cadillac Catera – fuse box – engine compartment

Cadillac Catera – fuse box – engine compartment
Fuse/Relay Usage
1 Secondary Air Injection Pump (Relay K12)
2 Fan Control (Relay K67)
3 Auxiliary Water Pump (Relay K22)
4 Windshield Wiper Motor (Relay K8)
5 A/C Compressor Relay (K60)
6 Fan Control Relay (K87)
7 Fan Control Relay (K26)
8 Fuse 50
9 Fan Control Relay (K28)
10 Engine Controls Power Relay (K43)
15 Fuse 40 (A) Fuse 52 (B)
16 Connector C110
17 Coolant Fan Test Connector Fan Control
18 Fuse 42 (A), Fuse 49 (B)
19 Fan Control Relay (K52)
20 Fuel Pump Relay (K44)
29 Fuse 43

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.