Acura Integra (1986) – wiring diagrams – power distribution

Acura Integra (1986) – wiring diagrams – power distribution

Year of productions: 1986

Power distribution

Acura Integra – wiring diagram – power distribution
Acura Integra – wiring diagram – power distribution


Symbol System Part
A Sound AM/FM Stereo cassette player (ACC)
B Rear Window Defogger Rear window defogger relay. Rear window defogger switch indicator light
Heater Fresh/Rec motor, Heater control amplifier,  Indicator light dimming circuit,  Blower relay
Air Conditioner Condenser fan relay. A/C compressor clutch
C Cooling Cooling fan motor (without A/C)
Air Conditioner Compressor clutch relay, Compressor clutch, Cooling fan relay, ECU (AC )
D PGM-FI Main relay (STS). ECU (STS)
Brake Warning Bulb check relay
E Starting Starter solenoid
F Cruise Control Control unit, Main switch indicator light
G Ignition Ignition coil, Igniter
H Charging Charge warning light, Voltage regulator
Retractable Headlight Control Unit
PGM·FI Emission control box EICV, Purge cut-off soleenoid valve, Ignitation control solenoid valve, Main relay (IG 1)
Gauge Assembly Emission speed sensor amplifier
Fuel Fuel pump motor
I Power Windows Power window relay
Wipers/Washers Windshield wiper motor, Windshield washer motor, Rear windshield wiper motor, Rear window washer motor
J Gauge Assembly Temperature gauge, Fuel gauge, Tachometer
Brake Warning Warning light
PGM·FI PGM-FI Warning light
Clock (IG1)
Lights Back-up lights,  Turn signal/Hazard relay, Turn signal light, Turn signal indicator lights
Tailgate Warning Warning light
Dashlight Brightness Control Shift lever position indicator
Oil Pressure Warning Warning light
Seat Belt Reminder Seat belt reminder light
Integrated Control Unit Oil pressure, Seat belt/Key-on warning beeper/timer circuit, light on warning circuit
K Air Conditioner Cooling fan motor, Condenser fan motor
L Retractable Headlights Control unit
M Lighting Right headlight (HI beam)
Lighting HI beam indicator light
N Lighting Left headlight (HI beam)
O Lighting Right headlight (LO beam)
P Lighting Left headlight (LO beam)
Retractable Headlights Control unit
Integrated Control Unit Oil pressure warning circuit
Lights Turn signal/Hazard relay,
R Retractable Headlights Control unit, Right retractor relay, Left retractor relay,
S Cigarette Lighter Cigarette Lighter
Clcok (Battery+)
Sound AM/FM stereo cassette player (Battery+)
Lights Hatch light, Dome light,
Integrated control Unit Oil pressure,
T Horns Horn (HI). Horn (LO).
Cruise Control Control unit
Lights Right brake light, Left brake light, High mount brake light
U Lighting Rear side marker lights, taillights,
Dashlight Brightness Control Cruise control main switch light, Shift lever gostion indicator, Air conditioner switch light, Heater control switc light, Rear window defogger switch light, shift lever position light, Dashboard panel light, Heater panel light, Gauge light,
Heater Indicator light dimming signal
Retractable Headlights Control unit
Sound AM/FM stereo cassette player (Battery +)
Integrated control unit Side marker light circuit
Lighting Glove box light, Cigarette lighter light, Ashtray  light, License plate lights, Right side marker light, Left side marker light
V Retractable Headlights Control unit, Right retractor motor
W Retractable Headlights Control unit, Left retractor motor
X PGM-FI Main replay (IGP), ECU (IGP). Resistor, Injectors
Y Rear Window Defogger Rear window defogger
Z Heater Blower motor
AA Power Door Locks Control unit, Door lock actuator
AB Power Windows Driver’s door motor, Control unit
AC Power Windows Right front door motor,
AD Power Windows Right rear door motor
AE Power Windows Left rear door motor

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.

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