Honda Accord (2008)- fuse box diagram

Honda Accord (2008)- fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2008

Driver Under-dash fuse/relay box


Fuse number Fuse name Ampere rating [A] Component or Circuit protected Notes
3 WASHER 15 Windshield Washer Relay
4 WIPER 7,5 Windshield Wiper Relay
5 METER 7,5 A/T Revers Diode A (A/T), A/T Reverse Relay (A/T). Automatic Dimming Inside Mirror Connector (Option Connector) (Honda Accessory 1), Automatic Dimming Inside Mirror (Automatic Dimming Inside Mirror), Back-up Light Switch (M/T), Drivers MICU, Electrical Compass Unit (Electrical Compass), Gauge Control Module, Passenger’s MICU, Shift Lock Solenoid (A/T), TMPS Control Unit
6 ABS/VSA 7,5 ABS Modulator – Control Unit (ABS), VSA Modulator Control (VSA), Yaw Rate-Lateral Acceleration Sensor (VSA)
7 ACG 15 ACM Comtrol Relay (V6, A/T), Alternator, Brake Pedal Position Switch, CMP Sensor A (L4), ECM/PCM (V6), ELD Unit, Engine Mount Control Solenoid Valve (L4; L6; M/T), Engine Mount Control Unit (V6, A/T), EVAP Canister Purge Valve, Reverse Lockout Solenoid (V6, M/T), Secondary HO2S (L4)
8 STS (7,5) ECM/PCM V6
9 FUEL PUMP 20 ECM/PCM, Fuel Pump Relay, Immobilizer – Keyless Control Unit
10 VB SOL (10) ECM/PCM A/T
11 SRS 10 SRS Unit
12 ODS 7,5 Hazrd Warrnig Switch (USA, Canada), ODS Unit, SRS Unit
14 ACM (10) ACM Control Relay V6:A/T
15 DRL 7,5 Driver’s MICU
16 A/C 7,5 A/C Compressor Clutch Relay, A/C Condenser Fan Relay (V6), A/C Diode A, Audio-HVAC, Sub Display Unit, Blower Motor Relay, Climate Control Uni (Climate Control), Drivers Climate Control Switch, (Navigator), Drivers Seat Heater Switch (Seat Heaters), Fan Control Relay (V6), Front Passenger’s Climate Control Switch (Navigator), Front Passenger;s Seat Heater Switch (Seat Heaters), HVAC Control Unit (Manual A/C), Power Mirror Switch, Power Window Master Switch, Radiator Fan Relay (L4), Rear Window Deffoger Relay, Recirulation Control Motor (Manual A/C, 4-door A/T)
17 ACC KEY LOCK 7,5 Driver’s MICU
18 ACCESARY 7,5 Audio Unit, Cigarette Lighter Relay (Mexico, Latin America, Argentina) Console Accessory Power Seocket Relay, Front Accessory Power Socket Relay (USA, Canada), HandsFreeLink Control Unit (Navigation(, Ignitation Key Switch/Key Light (A/T), Interface Dial (Navigation), Microphone (Navigation), Navigation Display Unit (Navigation), Navigation Unit (Navigation)
19 DR P/SEAT (SLIDE) (20) Driver’s Power Seat Adjustment Switch Drivers Power Seat
20 MOON ROOF (20) Moonroof Control Unit Moonroof
21 DR P/SEAT (REC) (20) Left Power Seat Adjustment Switch Drivers Power Seat
22 P/W L REAR (20) Left Rear Power Window Relay 4-Door
23 FR ACC SOCKET 15 Cigarette Lighter Relay (Mexico, Latin America, Argnetina), Front Accessory Power Socket Relay (USA, Canada)
24 P/W DR 20 Power Window Master Switch
25 DOOR LOCK DR 10 Driver’s Door Unlock Relay, Door Lock Relay, Door Unlock Relay, Trunk Lid Opener relay
26 FR FOG L (10) Driver’s MICU (automatic Lighting), Fog Light Connector B (Honda Accessory), Fog Light Relay (Without Automatic Lightin), Left Fog Light (Factory) Foglamps
27 SMALL (EXTR) L 10 Driver’s MICU (Automatic Lighting), Left Brake Light/Taillight, Left Front Parking Light (Latin America, Argentina), Left Front side Marker Light (USA, Canada, Mexico), Left Front Turn Signal/Parking Light (USA, Canada, Mexico), Left License Plate Light (4-door), License Plate Light (2-door), Right Brake Light/Taillight, Right License Plate Light (4-door), Taillight Relay (without Automatic Lighting)
28 H/L L HI 10 Driver’s MICU, Left Headlight (Connector B)
29 TMPS 7,5 TMPS Control Unit TMPS
30 H/L L LO Driver’s MICU, Left Headlight (Connector A)


Driver’s Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box


Ref Socket Cavites Connects to Note
1 A
2 B 2 Dashboard Wire Harness
3 C 5 Dashboard Wire Harness USA, Canada
4 Front Accessory Power Socket Relay 4 Mexico, Latin America
4 Cigarette Lighter Relay 4 Argentina
5 Starter Cut Relay 4
6 K (MICU Services Check Connector) 3
7 H (Option Connector) 12
8 G 13 Left Engine Compartment Wire Harness
9 F 33 Left Engine Compartment Wire Harness
10 E 20
11 D 16 Left Side Wire Harness
12 Fuel Pump Relay 4
13 M 4 Dashboard Wire Harness
14 N 16 Dashboard Wire Harness
15 P 20 Dashboard Wire Harness
16 R (Driver’s MICU) 24 Dashboard Wire Harness
16 R (Driver’s MICU) 30 Dashboard Wire Harness


Passenger’s under-dash (Driver’s Under-dash)


Fuse number Fuse name Ampere rating [A] Component or Circuit Protected Notes
1 H/L R HI 10 Passenger MICU, Right Headlight (Connector B)
2 SMALL (EXTR) R 10 Taillight Relay (without Automatic Lighting), Passenger MICU (automatic Lighting), Right Front Parking Light (Latin America, Argnetina), Right Front Side Marker Light (USa, Canada, Mexico), Right FrontTurn Signal/PParking Light (USA,
3 FR FOG R (10)