Chevrolet Suburban (1993 – 1994) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 1993, 1994

Fuse block

Chevrolet Suburban -  wiring diagram - fuse box
Chevrolet Suburban – wiring diagram – fuse box
Fuse name Circuit protected Ampere rating [A] Circuit Breaker
Gages Cruise Control, 4 WD Display illum. Rear Window Defogger Timer, Aux. Batt. Relay Feed, Safety Belt Buzzer Timer, Cluster Ign. Feed 20
Turn-B/U Back-up Lamps, Turn Signals 15
EMC/Ign T.C.C., Air Diverter, E.S.C., E.G.R., E.C.M.
Ign., R.W.A.L. Brake Switch
Inj. A Throttle Body Injectors 10
Brake A.B.S., Cluster-Speed0 15
AC/Htr H.V.A.C. 4 WD, Aux. Batt. Relay 25
Ctsy Dome Lamp, Ctsy. and Glove Box Lps. (TR-9), Radio (Memory-Clock) 20
Park LP Horn Relay, Horn Feed, Park Lamps 20
P. Lps C49 SW Illum., Headlamp “On” Warning, Radio Illum., H.V.A.C. Illum. 5
Stop/Haz Haz. Flasher, Seat Belt Buzzer, Stop Lmps., A.B.S. Memory 15
Wiper Windshield Wiper, Washer 25
Radio Radio Feed 10
Acc/Ign Pwr. Windows 30
Acc/Batt Door Locks, Rear Window Defogger 30
Crank Crank, Discreet 5
4WD Four Wheel Drive 25
DRL Daytime Running Lights 15
RR Wpr Rear Window Wiperwasher 25
T/G Rel Cigar Lighter, Rear Hatch Release 25
*An inline fuse is used for the underhood lamp
 WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and market.
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